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Wayan by Cedric Vongericthen
CVRG by Cedric Vongericthen
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rhubarb: chutney, warm madeleine
 our cocktail program centers on fresh, seasonal ingredients
mussels with auce poulette, furikake, salsa matcha

Chef's Menu

shrimp toast with cilantro, citrus chili

98 per person

full table participation required



oyster & razor clam

passion fruit, chili lime



kombu cured, green chili, shiso



dim sum tower

sweet corn

fermented black pepper, basil 



chives, cilantro, citrus chili



beurre blanc, petrossian caviar

*menu is subject to change

broccoli 20
pesto, chimichurri, spring garlic

mushrooms 22*
parmesan, pine nuts, sancho pepper

morels 36
gnudi, comte, basil fondue

third base 

green asparagus

herbal vinaigrette


mushrooms 22

ricotta gnudi, parmesan cheese


miso, cippolini onions, crispy leeks


beef miyazaki 

pickled tokyo turnip, yuzu soy

        add japanese uni...  18


cherry diplomat 

caramelized puff pastry, pistachio


warm ma·déleines

chocolate, coconut


chocolate mousse

raspberries, black sesame

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