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Wayan by Cedric Vongericthen
CVRG by Cedric Vongericthen
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rhubarb: chutney, warm madeleine
 our cocktail program centers on fresh, seasonal ingredients
mussels with auce poulette, furikake, salsa matcha


shrimp toast with cilantro, citrus chili

sweet petite oyster  18/36          

passionfruit mignonette, sambal bule


trout roe  18

toasted bialy, cream cheese, acar


mango salad  16

labneh,  ginger-lime, macadamia

sea trout tartare   18

ginger flower, mentaiko garlic toast


mollet egg  20

smoked salmon, hollandaise, furikake


chèvre chaud  18

goat cheese,  asparagus, herb vinaigrette

filet-o-butterfish 25

seaweed kimchi, sauce gribiche

broccoli 20
pesto, chimichurri, spring garlic

mushrooms 22*
parmesan, pine nuts, sancho pepper

morels 36
gnudi, comte, basil fondue

golden french toast  ​​​​19

petrossian caviar, crème fraîche, chives


egg à la coque  24

crispy sweet shrimp, tartine, kombu butter

crispy soft shell crab  34

iceberg lettuce, thai basil emulsion


dumpling tower  28

lobster, sweet corn dumplings, shrimp brioche

add caviar... 18

sweets   14

sticky toffee pudding 

crème fraîche ice cream,

candied pecans

chocolate mousse

raspberries, black sesame

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